What is an attorney-mediator?

On the television and radio, you are bombarded with images and stories about the legal process and what it looks like to go to court. The reality of the court system is a lot less glamour and a lot more time, money, and stress. In a traditional divorce, each side is represented by a lawyer. Each lawyer represents and fights for their own client’s best interests.  As you can imagine this often creates a lot of extra conflict during a divorce.

Hiring a mediator is different from hiring an attorney. A traditional mediator does not represent either side. The mediator instead acts to try and resolve the disputes between the parties and to help the parties reach an agreement together. A mediator does not choose sides, and has no vested interest in the outcome. Instead, a mediator objectively guides the parties to a reasonable resolution.

An attorney-mediator is simply a mediator who also happens to be an attorney. An attorney-mediator does all the same things a traditional mediator does, with several added benefits. At Madrid Family Law our attorney-mediators have extensive experience in family law and have an intimate understanding of the intricacies of the divorce process. You also have the added peace of mind knowing that your attorney-mediator will properly draft written agreements reached as part of the mediation process.

Why mediation?

Almost all couples going through a divorce are ordered by the court to attend mediation, regardless of whether attorneys are involved. Why? A few big reasons: 1) the domestic courts are jam-packed with cases, and the courts cannot possibly try every case; 2) mediation is generally quicker and more cost-effective for the parties; and (3) most people are happier with a mediated settlement as opposed to having a judge dictate the terms of their divorce.

Attorneys fees alone can easily average $5,000 - $10,000 or more per person, even during an amicable divorce. As a result, many people try to handle their own divorce without any help or guidance. This often results in more problems later down the road and sometimes expensive litigation.

Mediation makes sense in most situations. Mediation offers the parties the chance to settle and move on with their lives without additional emotional upheaval and turmoil. Madrid Family Law takes mediation a step further. We offer packaged mediation services with simple, no-nonsense pricing for couples looking to divorce amicably. Click here to learn more.

How much do mediation packages cost?

Prices range between $1,250.00 and $1,750.00 per person, depending on the issues involved in your divorce and whether or not you have children. Packaged mediation prices are significantly less than the anticipated expense of litigating your divorce. Click here to learn more.

What is included in a mediation package?

As part of your mediation package, you will receive a wealth of information and support. We explain the divorce process in Colorado step-by-step. Together, you and your spouse attend mediation sessions with an experienced family law attorney-mediator. Your attorney-mediator will mediate all of the necessary agreements and help you prepare all of the necessary paperwork to file with the court. Click here to learn more.

Is packaged mediation right for us?

Packaged mediation services are not right for everyone. If you have significant disagreements with your spouse or very complex estates, you should consider hiring an attorney. If, however, you are your spouse agree that it is time to move on and want to do so in an amicable manner, then packaged mediation services can save you time and money. Click here to learn more.

What if we have already filed for divorce?

If you have already filed for divorce, our mediation packages can be tailored to your situation, depending on where you are at in the process and what issues remain. Contact us to see how we can help.

How does the process work?

Attorney-mediated divorces follow a step-by-step process. If you and your spouse are interested in a divorce mediation package, the first step is contacting us to schedule a time to speak with an experienced attorney-mediator. Click here to learn more.

How are mediation packages different?

Most mediators only offer hourly mediation services. At Madrid Family Law we provide you with all of the needed information to follow the divorce process in Colorado and we prepare the documents necessary for you to finalize your divorce. By choosing a mediation package, you will be ready to confidently, and quickly finalize your divorce with the court. Click here to learn more.


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